Strawberry mango and melon cake Heart shaped cake
Ho's is the best bakery in town.

Dominic from Manchester
One of my 10 favourite shops in the world. Delicious food comes in small packages. Care & attention in each bake.

Philip from Stockport
Pride & care in something not willing to miss. BEST CAKES EVER!!

Jess from Stockport
Ho's serve the best chicken curry pasties ever, very very tasty.

Ben from London
Best egg custards on the planet.

Charlie from Hulme
One of my fav places to eat in Manchester. Truly a must visit.

Coral from Manchester
You are always greeted with a smile which always brightens up my day.

Neil from Denton
Ho's Bakery make amazing pastries aswell as impressively decorated cakes.

Jenny from Reddish
Ho's food is divine, they have loads of pastries and unusual things to try, which always tastes fantastic!

Steve from Prestwich
This place is delicious, all the baking is fresh and there is so much variety!

Lucy from Rochdale
The food at Ho's is fantastic and always always fresh, I thoroughly recommend Ho's Bakery to anyone.

Peter from Manchester
I go Ho's everyday. I want to eat everything when I go in, everything looks & smells so nice.

Lucy from Manchester

Special Occasion Cakes

Ho's Bakery freshly prepares beautiful, mouth watering cakes for all sorts of special occasions from birthdays and congratulations to anniversaries and more.
Our special occasion cakes are charged based on weight and shape. Check out the cake price guide at the bottom of the page.
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Ho's Bakery
46 Faulkner Street,
M1 4FH,
0161 236 8335